Our Mission

Our mission at BELAY is to glorify God by providing solutions that equip our clients with the confidence to climb higher.





He is our number One. He gets the glory. Not Us.


We're all in this together. We run to our problems, challenges and opportunities.


We don't take ourselves too seriously. Seriously.


Our passion to serve others demonstrates our leadership.


We are thankful, and our gratitude drives our actions.


We are leaders in our industry. We refuse to accept the status quo. We have the vision of what can be.



BELAY's core values are based around Biblical principles. The Founders believe that Jesus Christ is God and that the Bible is true. Employees and professionals at BELAY do not have to believe in God or the Bible in order to work at BELAY, but all employees and professionals at BELAY are expected to respect the values that stem from those beliefs, and as a result, enjoy the benefits of them as well. The Founders welcome individuals of different beliefs and believe that all people should be treated with respect and dignity just like Jesus modeled for us. The Founders and Leaders of this corporation are accountable (recognizing we are leaders for a season of time) and see their leadership as a stewardship.

Bryan & Shannon Miles - Co-Founders



Our team of experts has competencies of different branches and specializations.

Bryan Miles

Co-Founder and Co-Chair

Shannon Miles

Co-Founder and Co-Chair

Tricia Sciortino


Lisa Zeeveld


Jen Barden

Director of Finance

Krisha Buehler

Vice President of Human Resources

Amy Appleton

Director of Marketing

Brooke Cecil

Director of Client Relations

Stacy Bullard

Director of Talent Acquisition

Lisa Seal

Director of Sales



In 2010, Bryan and Shannon Miles felt a stirring from God. After experiencing the virtual assistant (VA) model for themselves, the couple was inspired to start their own business providing virtual support to busy leaders. After much prayer and due diligence, Bryan and Shannon followed God’s call and founded Miles Advisory Group. Within two months, they had signed four contracts with leaders in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and Wyoming – generating a wave of momentum that continues to this day.

MAG expanded the horizons of their VA service model in eaHELP to include MAG Bookkeeping, copywriting services, and web support services. In January 2017, the Miles AG suite (eaHELP, MAG Bookkeeping, Render and Ellipsis) came together under one name – BELAY. This name has a great deal of significance to our leaders because of its core meaning: To belay is to provide the support a climber needs to ascend...And that is precisely what we do for our clients.

Our suite of services allows our clients to scale with peace of mind, and take their organizations to new heights.

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