Rise Up

& Lead Well

How Leveraging An Assistant Will Change Your Life & Maximize Your Time

Over the last few years, I have learned so much about teams, optimal working relationships, and how to find and develop great EAs from BELAY CEO Tricia Sciortino. In Rise Up & Lead Well, a lot of that wisdom gets laid directly into your hands. I wish I had this when I was starting out.

Carey Nieuwhof
About The Book

The idea of an assistant conjures up one of these feelings:

  • Excitement “I’m ready to hand these things off!”
  • Dread “I’m afraid to let someone into my chaos.”
  • Fear “What do I even do with this person?”

I’ve encountered countless people with these feelings of dread and fear. Usually those responses are rooted in something else: uncertainty.

They simply don’t know what to do with an assistant. Managing an inbox and calendar don’t sound like enough work for someone, right? That’s only for CEOs of big companies, right?


An assistant is the secret weapon you need to level up your leadership in the new year. Someone should be in your corner managing the details so you stay focused on the priorities.

You know this, but it doesn’t eliminate the uncertainty.

My new book is an uncertainty destroyer. I’ve spent more than a decade at BELAY, a virtual assistant company. I’ve led them, trained them, and even worked as one early in my career. I’ve seen all sides and know the secrets for success.

Use this book to eliminate the uncertainty and get a clear plan for how to effectively use an assistant. This isn’t fluff, theory, or pure inspiration. It’s battle-tested tactics that work.

I am so grateful Tricia decided to combine her years of experience exercising efficiency at the highest level along with transferring those skills in a digestible framework guaranteed to benefit all who heed and apply her insight. I specifically recommend this book for CEOs and Key Executives aiming to increase productivity and profitability! Praise to Tricia for writing Rise Up and Lead Well!

Anthony M. FlynnCEO at The WorkFaith Connection, Founder of Amazing CEO

Warning: Life-changing content ahead! If you read this, your leadership will never be the same but incredibly enhanced. Tricia's years of experience culminate into a read that will practically help you and your assistant execute on a whole new level. 10X your leadership now with this book!

Bryan MilesChairman of BELAY

If you want to up your productivity by a significant multiple, then listen to Tricia Sciortino and do what she says. Tricia is the unique authority on this subject. She has been a virtual assistant. She has helped build the leading virtual assistant company in the world. And she is now taking that company to new heights as their CEO. I've followed her plan and it has paid big dividends in my own work with a VA

William VanderbloemenFounder, CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group
About The Author

As CEO of BELAY and co-host of the One Next Step Podcast, Tricia considers it her distinct privilege to be able to cast vision for the future of BELAY and empower leaders with collective knowledge from a decade of helping organizations achieve their vision.

Born and raised in Long Island, she attended the University of Hartford and earned a degree in Business Administration and Management. For ten years, she served as District Manager for the retail chain Pacific Sunwear, however, when her first child was born, she – like many other parents – found herself struggling to balance her high-profile career with her new role as a mother. Enter: BELAY

Joining a startup during the recession was risky, but she took a leap of faith. As BELAY’s first employee and virtual assistant – and then onto serve as Director, Vice President, President, COO, and now CEO – Tricia’s spent the last 10 years ‘walking the walk’ of what BELAY calls the Third Option: the ability to cultivate a balanced life with a successful career while making family and personal relationships a priority.

As a leader, she’s passionate about everyone owning and forging their own paths, careers, and professional development, putting each of BELAY’s valued employees and contractors in the driver’s seat to cultivate the balance of work and life that best suits them.

She’s so committed to helping people realize this that, in 2020, she launched a podcast, One Next Step, to show leaders that they can not only grow their business but also help them create more margin so that they can enjoy their life.

Together with guests and her co-host and BELAY COO, Lisa Zeeveld, they share real-world business knowledge that will help real-life leaders.

And while it’s been said that ‘time is money,’ Tricia couldn’t disagree more because unlike money, time is finite so she’s passionate about boundaries, saying ‘no’ and knowing her limits – knowing where she adds value, where she can step aside, and where she needs to show up, both personally and professionally.

Tricia lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, two daughters, stepson, and fur baby, Lola, and is seriously grateful – for the opportunity to live out her third option every day as a hands-on mom while supporting those she leads to live out theirs.