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The One Next Step podcast is the small business mentor you’ve always wanted. Hosted by BELAY’s CEO Tricia Sciortino and COO Lisa Zeeveld, this podcast is sharing real-world business knowledge that will help real-life leaders. Even well-known guests like Daymond John and Michael Hyatt will focus on business basics that will help everyday leaders get more done and see more results. Listen and discover why we’re calling it the most practical business podcast in the world.


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Tricia Sciortino on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Lisa Zeeveld on Instagram and LinkedIn


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“Growing an organization is a team sport, not a solo act.” — Tricia Sciortino

“Run your business and make it stop running you so you can enjoy your life.” — Lisa Zeeveld

“It’s the leader’s job to grow the organization and build a great team, not manage minutia.” — Tricia Sciortino

“You are one simple tip, one practical tool, one next step away from overcoming your current challenge and maximizing your current opportunity.” — Lisa Zeeveld


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