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Return on Investment (ROI). Every business leader knows what it is, and knows it’s important, but how many really have put a plan in practice to build a healthy ROI in their marketing? In this episode, Amy Appleton, VP of Marketing at BELAY, rejoins the podcast to talk with LZ about all things ROI. They’ll discuss what a good ROI looks like, how to know when you’re succeeding with ROI, what to do when things go wrong, what type of technology can help, and more. 

1. Obtain a healthy marketing ROI. When you have a healthy marketing ROI, you are not spending more to bring on new business than the new business brings in revenue for you. You do not want to spend more to get new customers or clients than you’re going to make from that business.

2. You don’t have to be a CEO to understand ROI. Tracking ROI can be as simple as creating an Excel document or a Google Sheet. Start by noting how much you’re spending and what is the value of each transaction client.

3. You often have to be patient in waiting on your ROI. There are many marketing efforts, such as speaking events, word of mouth or even sponsored ads, that take time to see the results. Be patient. Track these efforts on a monthly basis. And pivot when needed.

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