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The process of finding a great virtual assistant can feel overwhelming, so it’s important to make sure you know what traits you’re looking for and how to screen for them in the interview process. In this episode, BELAY Director of Talent Madison Morgan will share an overview of BELAY’s proven process for hiring great VAs. She’ll also explain how partnering with BELAY can save leaders an enormous amount of time and stress. 

Listeners should leave this episode with an understanding of what it takes to hire a virtual assistant, as well as the benefits of working with BELAY rather than hiring someone on their own. Welcome to episode 120 of One Next Step.

1. Put your money where your mouth is. The first thing you should think about doing is establishing a budget around sourcing. What do you want your costs per hire, and maybe even applicants to be. Strategically manage your budget across various platforms to help attract a diverse pool of quality and quantity applicants. You have to put your money out there and wait on the data to show you where you’re getting the most ROI and which job platforms perform best for your industry or the job you’re trying to fill. 

2. If you want to truly identify the best talent, a resume and interview alone isn’t gonna get you there. You’ve got to have varying approaches to seeing what this candidate is bringing to the table. Think about it in three parts —  the briefcase, the heart and the head. The briefcase is going to be the resume, the application, previous experience. The heart is the interview. You’re getting to hear about who they are and what makes them tick, what’s their why, why do they wanna be at your company, why do they want to be in this role? The head is the assessments that give you good insight to their intelligence and their ability to produce good work.

3. Focus on soft skills over hard skills. Who are the people in your organization that you would consider to be the rock stars? Who are those people that are performing, not because of the experience they brought to the play, but because of their desire to roll their sleeves up, to get in there, to be resourceful, to find answers, to be a team player. Those are all soft skills. Make sure when you’re looking for a candidate that you don’t forget that you don’t wanna hire the person who on paper looked great, but they aren’t a team player. They’re just there to get a paycheck. They’re in and they’re out. They aren’t going above and beyond.

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