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The Power of Positivity with Jon Gordon

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About This Episode

Positivity is not sticking your head in the sand to ignore challenges, but rather facing them head on with optimism and courage. In this episode, author and speaker Jon Gordon explains how positive leadership can transform your organization. He also shares success stories he’s seen firsthand from some of the world’s top organizations, and he lays out some practical steps you can take to start becoming a more positive leader today.

1. It’s OK to admit when something is wrong or challenging. Positivity is not about ignoring a problem, but rather navigating it with optimism and courage. 

2. You shouldn’t lead with tough love unless your team knows you love them tough. When your team trusts that you care about them, you can earn the right to challenge them. 

3. True positive leaders address negativity. It’s only when you’ve addressed the problem that you can transform, neutralize, or remove it.

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