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4 Ways to Stop Being the Bottleneck

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About This Episode

When you’re looking to grow your business, the answer is usually less about working harder and more about delegating effectively. That’s why Stacy Tuschl is so focused on helping business owners stop getting in the way of their own growth. In this episode, Stacy shares practical advice leaders can use to start delegating, creating more accountability among team members, and setting up systems that allow the business to keep running smoothly.

If you are feeling burnt out or overworked, or you’ve been trying to grow and just can’t seem to make it happen, this episode will provide some valuable but simple next steps you can take.

1. Figure out what you’re best at — marketing, fulfillment, or operations — and then hire people to fill in the gaps.

Start by delegating the one area you struggle with most, and then as you grow, you can keep outsourcing until you’re only responsible for the things you’re best at.


2. Your employees may be wanting to step up and do more, they’re just waiting for you to give them the opportunity.

If you’re struggling to delegate, start by giving people small tasks to see how they perform. This helps your team feel valued, and it allows you to see who you can trust to take on new responsibilities.


3. Great systems will take pressure off of both leaders and team members.

When your business isn’t reliant on any one person, people can feel empowered to step back or take time off when they need to.

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