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How to Take Time Off As a Business Owner

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About This Episode

In this episode, LZ and Tricia will talk to busy leaders about the importance of taking time off.  Too many leaders and business owners go so hard that they don’t take time for themselves.


LZ and Tricia will help leaders understand why vacation time is so important, both mentally and physically. And they’ll explain some strategies and techniques leaders can use to help them implement healthy processes that allow them to get away.

1. Many leaders have a false sense of ego.

The business isn’t going to fall apart if you aren’t there! Too many might take a day or two, but they can’t fathom taking a week off because they think the place isn’t going to survive without them. What kind of company are you running if it’s going to fall apart if you’re not there?

2. Some people won’t let go of things because they like to feel important and needed.

That’s not healthy. It prevents you from being able to disconnect because you’ve created an environment where you’re needed. But the goal should be the opposite. Create an environment where the team doesn’t need you all the time, and put others in places to succeed.

3. Things that don’t get planned and scheduled don’t get done.

Many leaders have to put things on the schedule to make sure they take care of it later. Plan what it looks like to be on vacation, so you can be present for the people you care about while you’re gone.

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