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This week, we have a “Freeing Your Time with a Bookkeeper” worksheet for our listeners, that will help you take the first step towards a successful start with your dedicated bookkeeper.

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Some business owners don’t understand the value of having a bookkeeper. They might not even realize how beneficial bookkeepers are until they have one in place.

In this episode, Catherine Bowman will talk about her first-hand experience as a BELAY bookkeeper, and how bookkeepers help their clients save time and money. She’ll also talk about how they help entrepreneurs wisely manage and spend their hard-earned dollars.

1. Bookkeepers can help entrepreneurs who are frustrated with managing expenses.

They’ll work with the business owner and make recommendations, so that person doesn’t have to be in the nitty gritty details of running their business. They’ll help delegate responsibility to each team to be responsible for their portion of the budget.

2. To save money, you have to know where it’s all going.

This is your chart of accounts. Bookkeepers can offer solutions by looking at your history, pain points, where you’re over budget, and make recommendations on where to cut back and how to save. All of this information comes from your chart of accounts.

3. Budgeting tells you where your money is going instead of wondering where it’s been.

It helps you look at the overall picture and make good decisions. Budgeting is just a guide, not something to be scared of or intimidated by. Working with your budget, a bookkeeper can tell you where you need to pump the brakes and where you can invest more.

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