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7 Surprising Ways a Bookkeeper Can Help Grow Your Business - Part 2

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About This Episode

Bringing on a new position can be a hefty investment for any business. Most small business owners shy away from bringing on a bookkeeper because they aren’t sure how to get the most bang for their buck.  What they don’t know, yet are the many ways a bookkeeper can bring value to a small business.

In this episode, Melissa Baggett, the senior client success consultant at BELAY, and Melissa Tidwell, solutions consultant, continue their talk about the surprising ways a business can use a bookkeeper to grow their business while saving money along the way.

1. You may get more relief hiring a bookkeeper before a virtual assistant.

The financial side of your business may be taking a lot of brainspace, time from family, and other activities from you. Depending on where you are in the business, getting relief from those things might bring more than a virtual assistant could offer. So don’t miss out on the value of a bookkeeper.

2. Don’t try and get your books in order before you hire a bookkeeper.

They love to do that stuff! And there’s actually a lot of value in letting them do it because they learn so much about the business and can make informed suggestions.

3. With a bookkeeper, you’re not just getting a service –  you’re getting peace of mind.

As you develop trust and step away from the books, and as you have more confidence in what your bookkeeper can do, you’ll see more and more peace of mind. And that can only help as you grow your business.

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