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091: How The Cookie Crumbles: The Truth About Leading a New Industry and Building a Brand

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How The Cookie Crumbles: The Truth About Leading a New Industry and Building a Brand

This week, we encourage you to grab your copy of Tiff and Leon’s new book, It’s Not Just Cookies: Stories and Recipes from the Tiff’s Treats Kitchen. And, as a special thank you to our listeners, Tiff and Leon are offering 20% off your next cookie order!

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About This Episode

What does it take to be an industry leader? Tiff and Leon Chen basically built an industry from scratch when they created Tiff’s Treats, an amazing company that delivers warm cookies to your door.

They have raised hundreds of millions of dollars to create the Tiff’s Treats brand, built around technology, charity, and warm moments. In this episode, they’ll talk about how they built their company, how they’ve used technology while still growing and creating personal moments, how they approach fundraising, and much more.

1. Remember the power of humble beginnings.

Starting out, you may have several years that aren’t profitable, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. Real success takes patience. And the more successful you are, the more your brand resonates, handling those demands might set you back at first.

2. There’s power in community.

You need to have someone to talk to who is in the trenches with you and knows what you’re going through. For leaders, you need to meet in person with other leaders as often as you can. Solve problems together and don’t just communicate from afar.

3. The team experience is equally as important as the customer experience.

If your team is happy, your customer will be able to sense that in their interactions. That only helps their customer experience, reflects well on your company, and builds your brand.

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