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About This Episode

Are you looking to build and grow your marketing and sales processes? If so, this Masterclass episode is just for you.

Tricia, LZ, and several guests will help small business owners who might not have a fully staffed sales/marketing team learn how to take their marketing game to the next level!

1. Think about everything through the lens of your customer.

You are simply the guide who should be pointing them in the right direction. So always be listening to what they are telling you and talk back to them in that language.

2. Your first marketing hire should be a “marketing generalist.”

This person should become your brand expert. They should know what you are doing already and be able to replicate that. They should also have strong operational and planning abilities.

3. If you can’t hire for marketing yet, use the “market by committee” approach.

Identify all the things you want to be doing from a marketing standpoint, then divide them up among your current team. Everyone can wear a marketing hat until you are able to hire for that position later.

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