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February Podcast Roundup

Missed any of our podcasts in February? Or just can’t get enough of them? Say no more – we got you! Here, we’ve rounded up every podcast for at-your-fingertips easy access and listening pleasure.
How To

Better Than Sam’s Club: A Satisfying ‘Sample’ From Tricia’s New Book

Whether you’re a leader or aspiring to be one, it’s time to take Tricia’s new book from ‘save for later’ to ‘buy now. Here’s why.
BELAYtionships: Client Case Studies

A Triple Threat: BELAY Client Dethra U. Giles, Her Client Success Consultant and Her Virtual Assistant

Learn how BELAY client Dethra U. Giles overcame ‘conspiring’ email and calendar overload with help from her CSC Kyler and VA Jennifer.
Day In The Life
Six Kids. Several Businesses. One Virtual Assistant. How BELAY Helped Me Reclaim My Life.
Employee Appreciation Day: Women Appreciating Women
How BELAY’s CEO Leverages Her Social Media Strategist: A Case Study
Small Business
What Happens When You Let Someone Who Isn’t A Bookkeeper Handle Your Books
Small Business
You’re Not Still Doing Your Own Bookkeeping, Right?
From ‘I’m Fine’ To Actually Fine With A Bookkeeper

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Popular How-Tos

July 27, 2017

How to Find a Good Bookkeeper (and Not Get Burned)

June 11, 2020 in How To

Just Be You: Our Stance On Diversity & Inclusion

This is how we encourage our employees to bring their best, most authentic whole selves to work every day – and how you can, too.
Read More
February 1, 2018 in How To, Remote Workforce

How to Know When It’s Time to Start Delegating

On Friday night, you were answering emails and posting to social media during your daughter's dance recital. On Saturday morning, you were conversing with a client on chat about a new project during your son's soccer game. Do you even remember what you ate at your anniversary dinner or was your mind on work? How long has it been since…
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October 31, 2019 in How To, Remote Workforce

How to Hire Your First Employee: Costs

So, you’ve weighed all the considerations for hiring your first virtual employee. But now, it’s time to weigh the costs. The key is finding a virtual employee with just the right blend of experience and skills in order to seamlessly integrate them into your business and be as helpful as possible. The million-dollar question: How much does it cost to…
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April 5, 2018 in Company News, How To, Remote Workforce, Virtual Assistants

How to Become a Virtual Assistant with BELAY

Are you looking for a career change and considering becoming a virtual assistant? Awesome - you found an incredible place to apply. At BELAY, we love making connections with super talented people and introducing them to busy business leaders who need their administrative expertise. We have over 700 Virtual Assistants among BELAY’s ranks. Some work part-time hours while others carry…
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team building activities for remote employeesRemote Workforce

25 Reasons You Should Contract With BELAY

You Just Found The Job You Never Thought Existed. Virtual Assistants | Virtual Bookkeepers | Social Media Strategists | Website Specialists Let’s face it: Working from home is just plain awesome. No commute saves time and money, there are never any weather delays, and there aren’t chatty colleagues or micromanaging bosses patrolling the hallways. And let’s not even get into…
Ebony Clark
April 12, 2021
Remote StaffingVirtual Bookkeepers

What An Accounting Clerk Is – And Why You May Need One.

Ah, finances and its … bookkeepers? Accountants? CPAs? They all sound relatively the same and all share an industry that involves money and numbers, so they’re all the same, right? Wrong. Well, kinda. Sorta. If this were Facebook, we’d say, ‘It’s complicated.’ Not every bookkeeper is an accountant – though every accountant is technically qualified to be a bookkeeper –…
Ebony Clark
April 5, 2021
One Next Step Podcast

039: When to Swipe Right for Your Forever Hire

Brooke and her team oversee our client experience. A large part of their role is matching more than one thousand executive assistants, bookkeepers, and website specialists with business leaders all over the country with different needs and different situations. She knows how to help business leaders identify the right fit for their team. And she’s here to share a few…
One Next Step Podcast
March 30, 2021
One Next Step Podcast

038: Being a Pro At Saying “No”

In this episode, we’ll talk about how leaders can say “no” – and, in some cases, “not now” – to opportunities, projects, meetings, and even your internal desire to stay involved. That way, you’ll have more margin for your most important priorities and responsibilities only you can do.
One Next Step Podcast
March 23, 2021