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By design, remote organizations aren’t limited by geography which, in turn, grants access to a virtually – get it? – limitless talent pool.

We’re talking about a talent pool that traverses city, county, state and even country lines.

This nearly endless hiring potential then means that organizations can be even more diverse and inclusive of people with various backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences.

And while geographic independence opens up the workforce to those who’d simply prefer a more flexible, adaptive arrangement, it also boasts opportunities for those who may otherwise lack access, whether they are unable to commute, live in a rural area, or have disabilities.

So when we’re asked – and it’s often – how we find and hire our world-class contractors, we’re happy to share because finding contractors is surprisingly easy.

But we’re not satisfied with ‘easy.’ Nor are we satisfied with quantity. We are in the business of quality. After all, our acceptance rate for our contractors is lower than Harvard’s – 4.5 percent for anyone wondering – with our contractor acceptance rate at 3.93 percent.

That means more than 96 percent of our applicants don’t make the grade.

But those that do? Oh, they’re special. We’re talking creme-de-la-creme, knock-your-socks-off special.

So to learn more about our hiring secret sauce, we chatted with Stacy Bullard, our Director of Talent Acquisitions, who shared some seriously impressive fast facts about BELAY’s seriously impressive hiring strategies.

On gender …

“While administrative roles are traditionally associated with women, we have seen an increase in the number of men among our Virtual Assistant contractors.”

On age …  

“Our contractors typically range in age from their 20s to their 60s, which brings us a wealth of experience and expertise.”

On accessibility … 

“We have adapted our interview process to accommodate the needs of our candidates, including those who are hearing or vision impaired.”

On education … 

“We value experience over formal education when vetting candidates.”

On geography … 

“We recruit from all over the United States and welcome individuals from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.”

On diversity … 

“We have a very diverse contractor base representing different religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, age groups, and political views.”

On equal opportunities … 

“Legally, EEOC discrimination laws don’t apply to 1099 contractors, but we have made an intentional decision as an organization that we will not discriminate when extending contracts to our applicants, nor will we allow our clients to discriminate during our matching and placement process.”

When it comes to hiring the right people, it takes casting a broad net – especially if your organization’s workforce is remote – while having a very, very narrowly tailored and rigorous vetting and acceptance process.

This ensures that you’ve scoured everywhere for anyone who could be The One for your exact organization to do that exact job on that exact team.

And with The One in place, you’re granted access to the single-most valuable asset: more time to focus on growing your business.

Still haven’t found The One? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with this free resource to help you get a jump start on your hiring prep work. One less thing to do, right?