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Financials So Good Your CPA Sheds A Tear.

Just Hire A BELAY Bookkeeper.

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We search the entire country for your next remote bookkeeper to find the right person for your organization.


Nearly all of our remote bookkeepers are armed with a bachelor’s degree or higher.


We specialize in finding seasoned remote professionals with proven experience and success.

Where are you coming up short?


Do you spend countless hours trying to make sense of your spreadsheets and receipts, or just avoid it altogether?


Have financial mistakes cost you money? Is number-crunching your kryptonite? Would you rather do literally anything else?


Are your books managed by more than one person? Are you confident you – or they – are qualified to do them accurately?

Finances don’t have to be overwhelming.

But we understand why they feel that way. So it’s time for a gut check.

Ask yourself: Am I the best person to do this?

Better yet, ask yourself: Can I afford my own hourly rate if I were to take time away from other pressing matters to handle my own bookkeeping?

Because if the answer is unflinching ‘no,’ then it’s time to enlist some professional help. Your finances are not the place to be experimenting, holding your breath, fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Whether you’re a church, nonprofit, or small business, managing your bottom line is the difference between success and failure. Accurate monthly and annual reports of financial data allow you to effectively run your company, enable you to better analyze operations, and help inform all business decisions.

If you’re ready to wave the white flag on handling your red and black margins, let one of BELAY’s experienced remote bookkeepers help. You’ll regain your peace of mind – and wonder why you waited so long.

Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today.

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Schedule a time to speak with someone on our team. They’ll discover your unique bookkeeping needs to help you succeed.

Meet Your Client Success Consultant

Once you sign your custom agreement, your Client Success Consultant will guide you every step of the way.

Work With Your New Team Member

Our proprietary matching process will ensure we find the right person to help you grow your organization.

How can a virtual bookkeeper help?

Produce Reports and Balance Sheets

Manage Weekly Bill Pay

Reconcile Bank Accounts

Reconcile Credit Cards

Process Payroll

Process Invoicing

So, who exactly is your next virtual bookkeeper?

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Based in the U.S.

Our contractors are in the US with proven and tested experience.

Completely Remote

Keep costs low by hiring someone remotely and skip the overhead.

Get a Guide

Our team guides you through every step of the way.


Not to brag, but we’ve made the Inc. 5000 six years in a row.

Who can use a virtual bookkeeper?

  • Executives
  • Small Businesses
  • Church Leaders
  • Sales Teams
  • Managers
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Teams
  • Authors

And you, probably!

Client Story

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Stop losing sleep over spreadsheets.

Your Virtual Bookkeeper is ready to help you reclaim your time with accurate monthly and annual reports of financial data that equip you to effectively run your company, better analyze operations, and inform all business decisions. And all it takes is one quick call to get started.

Got a question?
No problem.

Our team is here to help!

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I’m new to the remote concept and have no idea how this will work for me. Is there help?

Of course! You’ll be assigned a Client Success Consultant who will walk through onboarding with you and who is there as a coach and resource for your entire time here at BELAY.

What security measures are in place to protect us?

BELAY understands how important it is to protect you and your sensitive financial information. We have processes in place to properly vet each Virtual Bookkeeper, including conducting background checks and talking with their references to be sure we are placing a trustworthy contractor with your organization. We have internal checks for compliance ensuring everything remains above board.

Additionally, all our contractors sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect you and your business. If you would like any additional contracts, then we can discuss that. We highly recommend strong passwords and using a password manager to keep your accounts secure.

Will I be able to interview the candidate you pick for me?

We get it. Handing over the decision on who will work with you is a tough one. But what we also know after helping people just like you is that you don’t have time to devote to screening and setting up interviews. We have a proven system to match you to someone equipped to handle everything you need to accomplish.

Can I talk to my Virtual Bookkeeper?

Of course! We want your Virtual Bookkeeper to be an engaged member of your team!

Do I get a team of Virtual Bookkeepers that rotate?

No, you will have one dedicated Virtual Bookkeeper that we match you with based on your needs, industry, personality and working style.

What happens if the Virtual Bookkeeper and I don’t work well together?

Your Client Success Consultant will be there to help. You’ll work together to find a new match and keep your downtime to a minimum. If there are any minor hiccups, we will address them and find a solution.

How does my Virtual Bookkeeper account for the work done, as well as manage time off or vacation?

That will be between you and your Virtual Bookkeeper. If there are times you know are slower, then let your Virtual Bookkeeper know that would be a good time for time off. Commit to over-communicate with each other so work can be done ahead of time and productivity doesn’t lapse.

Is my Virtual Bookkeeper available on the weekends if I need them?

No, our Virtual Bookkeepers are available Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

What if I don’t use all of my hours?

Your Virtual Bookkeeper can ebb and flow your hours throughout the month. We just shoot to come in at the contracted amount at the end of the month. If they go over, we simply bill the extra hours, but they do not roll over to the next month. We track and report on those during onboarding to make sure you are at a good amount of hours for the work needed.

What if you do such a great job of matching me that I want to bring my Virtual Bookkeeper onto my staff full-time?

It happens all the time! We know it’s a possibility that you’ll get to the place in your business where you want to expand your W-2 team, and we love nothing more than knowing we helped you find your first (or second or fifth) hire. Talk to your Client Success Consultant about the details.

What programs do you use?

All financials are done on your cloud-based software. As for your church management software – we work alongside all of the leading systems.

How does remote bookkeeping get done?

Share your passwords:

  • Accounting software, such as Quickbooks
  • Bank account(s) – read-only access
  • Credit card(s) – read-only access
  • Point of sale (POS), if applicable
  • Donor management software, if applicable
  • Expense reporting software, if applicable

You decide on a Weekly Expense Report Tool (Expensify, current internal process, etc.)

You will receive an invite to prior to Kickoff.

You provide the following:

  • Current Financials
  • Current Bank Reconciliation
  • Reports that live outside your accounting software
  • List of recurring bills and due dates, such as rent/mortgage, utilities and similar
  • List of payments automatically drafted from your bank account(s), as well as the date of withdrawal
  • Payroll implementation documents, if applicable

What does a Virtual Bookkeeper do?

  • Pay client’s bills on a weekly basis
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Journal and data entry (coding)
  • Provide clients with weekly & monthly reports
    • Weekly accounts receivable aging
    • Weekly accounts payable aging
    • Monthly aging
    • Monthly balance sheet
    • Monthly P&L
    • Monthly budget to actual
    • Monthly statement of cash flow
  • Custom reports
  • Maintain and manage the chart of accounts
  • Debit/credit card reconciliation
  • 1099 preparation
  • Payroll, including working with a verified vendor to set-up the payroll account, schedules and processing

Do you file the quarterly taxes on P/R and/or income?

If you are signed up with our payroll service, we file your payroll taxes. Your CPA should do all other tax filings.

Do you do payroll only?

No, we offer a full bookkeeping solution.

How often will I get reports?

You and your Virtual Bookkeeper will discuss the reporting cadence you need and ensure everything arrives on time.

Do you do credit card reconciliation?

Yes, your Virtual Bookkeeper will ensure that your credit card is reconciled each month and expenses are assigned a budget line item.

Do you do audits?

No, audits are performed by a CPA with that specialization.

Will you file my corporate taxes?

No, you will need a CPA to provide you tax recommendations and complete all filings for state and federal needs.

Will you file my 990?

No, that will need to be handled by one of the board members or a local CPA.

Will the Virtual Bookkeeper help me shop for services and get quotes for me?

No, they are focused on the transactional side of your needs. That is best supported by an admin type of person. They can certainly provide the reports needed to show you what you spend with a particular vendor but they will not help you shop vendors.

What's the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

The short answer is it comes down to their day-to-day tasks. A bookkeeper is more focused on the on-going basis of your financials with reporting, reconciling, paying bills, and monitoring your budgets and financial goals.

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