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Juggle less and accomplish more with email management courses from BELAY.

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Minimize Your Inbox and Maximize Productivity

Training Videos

7 engaging training videos.

Actionable Resources

6 actionable resources to put each lesson into action.

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Prompts and questions to help you apply your new skillset.

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Tips and tricks from world-class virtual assistants

What's Inside?

Email Management Courses Will Show You How to:

  • Basic inbox management, including how to effectively organize your inbox so you can better see, manage, and store everything in your inbox
  • The importance of canned responses, including how to streamline communication and create efficiency with provided responses to save you time and energy
  • Email etiquette and email preferences, including mission-critical tips and best practices to communicate clearly, effectively, and professionally.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Learn How to Manage your Inbox and Reclaim Your Time

Tricia Sciortino - BELAY CEO



Did you know that the average person spends an average of 209 minutes checking their work email and 143 minutes checking their personal email?

That’s roughly five hours and 52 minutes every day on email – or nearly six hours every day. As a business owner, the possibilities of what you could do with an extra six hours a day are endless.

It’s time to reclaim that time with inbox management skills.

Instead of spending nearly 80 percent of your weekly working hours dealing with emails, get back to what actually matters: growing your business – and this course is how you’ll do just that.

Tricia Sciortino, CEO

Say hello to your instructor

As Executive Assistant to the CEO of BELAY, Melissa is honored and grateful for the opportunity to support the leader of a vibrant, successful organization – and all without having to spend a single minute in Atlanta traffic.

Melissa came to BELAY in 2019 after spending over 15 years in B2B sales and operations for manufacturers across multiple distribution channels. Somewhere along the way, she developed a passion for CRM design, reporting, implementation and administration, and is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant.

With a high degree of professionalism, discretion and business acumen, she provides day-to-day support and acts as an extension of the CEO, serving as a liaison to our team, clients, contractors, and partners.

Born in Kansas City, Melissa considers Atlanta home and lives in the suburbs – or OTP as the natives call it – with her husband and a house full of teenagers. Let’s all say a silent prayer for Melissa.






Juggle Less: How To Maximize Your Inbox

With just a few clicks, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a master of your inbox – and productivity.

If you’re a solopreneur or small business owner, you likely live in your inbox. For better or worse, that’s where much of your day-to-day communication and business happens. It’s productivity quicksand.

But there’s no avoiding your inbox altogether – try as we might to pretend the problem isn’t compounding with every ding, ping and red badge notification. So here, we’ll share the course material developed for virtual assistants by our very own BELAY community of virtual assistants.

Got a question? No problem.

Our team is here to help!

Juggle Less: How To Maximize Your Inbox is a three-lecture online course led by Melissa, one of our most talented Virtual Assistants who just so happens to serve our CEO, Tricia Sciortino. It comes with seven engaging videos and six actionable downloads and resources all packed with real-world, immediately actionable information. This course will equip you to become a gatekeeper of your own time, energy, and productivity with everything you need to know to maximize the potential of your inbox.

Anyone who is ready to elevate their inbox game! Juggle Less: How To Maximize Your Inbox is for anyone who wants to go from losing hours of their day to inbox management to reclaiming that time for what really matters: running and growing their business.

It is! Being completely digital, you can watch it any time on any device – so you can learn and evolve as a virtual assistant on your schedule, when it best suits you.

When you purchase the course, you’ll create a user name and password for Hang onto your login credentials and use them any time to access the password-protected course at

While we firmly believe that sharing is caring, unfortunately, in this case, course access is for the purchaser only. If you want to buy it as a gift, contact our support team directly at [email protected] and we can help.

We love an inquisitive mind! Sounds like you’re perfect for this course. So if you didn’t see your question on this list, we’re here to help. Just send us a note at [email protected].