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016: How to Leverage Authority, Warmth, and Energy to Get Exceptional Results

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About This Episode

Like it or not, people are judging us before they know us. That may feel superficial, but the reality is consciously or unconsciously, others assess your appearance, speech, energy, personality, and behavior all the time. From those assessments, they form opinions about your likely strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities, and decide if they want to further engage with you.

In this episode, we’re going to learn to become aware of how we’re showing up and what we can do about it. We’ll be joined by Steve Herz, President of The Montag Group – a talent agency representing broadcasters on networks like NBC Sports, ESPN, and CNN – to talk with us about how we can use authority, warmth, and energy to amplify the effectiveness of our communication and connection with others. He’ll help us win trust, respect, and influence at work.

1. Fifteen percent of a person’s financial success is attributed to technical skill (hard skills), while 85 percent is attributed to soft skills like communication, negotiation, leadership, etc.

Going back to Kindergarten, we were once graded on our ability to “play nice with others” or “share well” and so on. But not long after that, those types of skills were mostly forgotten about. We grow in education, technical skill and move on through our careers without ever really focusing on relations skills and how we interact with others. As a result, many of us won’t reach our potential unless we begin really doing a self-assessment and becoming more self aware of how we are perceived.

2. It’s hard to follow someone who lacks authority.

What kind of style do you bring to the table that makes people want to believe you’re the right person to lead them? Even though you may be competent and confident in your technical skills, do you project that same confidence and authority when you interact with others?

3. Trust is the foundation of everything.

If you don’t feel like the other person cares about you and is invested in you, then that relationship won’t work. That’s why communicating in a way that makes people feel connected and trusting of you is so important, whether it’s at home or in the workplace. Sometimes, poor communication can go back to a lack of warmth – something as simple as your tone of voice can affect how others view you.

4. You can be self-aware without being self-critical.

Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws. The goal is to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today. Look at yourself from a positive, constructive eye. A lot of people are so hard on themselves and they tear themselves down all the time – that approach will never bring you to a point of growth.


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