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About This Episode

What makes up the perfect virtual assistant? What should leaders be looking for when they are hiring this important position?

In this episode, Tricia and LZ will share the key attributes that make up a great VA, from their decades of experience in interviewing, hiring, and being them. They’ll leave our listeners empowered and equipped to find the right fit for the job, knowing exactly what to look for in a great VA. 


Welcome to episode 123 of One Next Step.

1. Look for a VA who is independent, a critical thinker and a resourceful problem solver.Make sure to find somebody who can find their own answers, and who isn’t always coming back to you for correction and guidance when they hit a bump in the road. As an executive or a leader, your time is too valuable for someone to constantly come back asking for redirection. Find somebody who’s really comfortable solving problems so that you can get out of the back and forth on the day-to-day tasks.

2. Look for a VA who is trustworthy and reliable. You have to be able to trust your VA and know that if they can’t find the solution based on the original directions that you’re confident they will figure it out.

3. Look for a VA who anticipates your needs. You want a VA who is 10 steps ahead of you. Having someone who can work ahead of you provides peace of mind because you know you have a VA who can anticipate those things both now and in the future.

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