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In this Bonus Next Step, Carrie Fabris explains what “all in” means to her and shares a few tips for leaders to help them confront the barriers keeping them from experiencing everything life has to offer. 

1. No pain, no gain. The best way to go all in is to look at the pain, face it, honor it, and then go through it. Admittedly, no one wakes up every morning going, ‘Okay, I’m so ready for pain today. I can’t wait to lean in.’ But the good news on the flip side of pain is that there is joy. So going all in is really seeing the pain and doing something about it and with it.

2. Be kind to yourself. One of the barriers to going all in is when we focus on what we can’t control. We all have this jerk that lives in our head, and you can tell it to go away. It’s not your friend, it’s not any of our friends, and we listen to it more than anything. Be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with people that you look up to and that you aspire to be like.

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