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How to Turn The Great Resignation Into The Great Retention

This week, John invites you to check out Cooleaf's "The Great Retention" podcast and subscribe so you can join the movement to turn The Great Resignation into The Great Retention.

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About This Episode

67% of employees say burnout has worsened during the pandemic, so it’s more important than ever for leaders to prioritize the employee experience. In this episode, John Duisberg, co-founder of Cooleaf and host of “The Great Retention” Podcast, will break down some of the common problems he’s seen when it comes to employee experience, and he’ll share practical steps leaders can take to better engage their team members and improve retention in the process. 

Leaders who listen to this episode should feel convinced that experience and engagement are something they need to focus on, and they should each walk away with at least one practical action step that’s applicable for their business.

1. Define your employee experience. It’s no secret the way we work has changed. The old ways that we used to promote community, culture and teams has to be reworked in order to stay relevant. The paradigm has shifted and the employee is now choosing you and the company they want to work for. Discover ways to keep employees connected, feeling appreciated, and aligned to your mission, purpose and values. 

2. Have a pulse on employee sentiment. It’s invaluable for a leader to be able to understand where people are at. Ask for feedback on some type of consistent basis so that you can begin to hear and understand. Experiment with different ways to draw connection and emotion from and within your team.

3. Recognize your employees correctly. Employee recognition, when done right and in a social experience, creates awareness around what it means to live out the values and purpose that you’ve defined for your company. You’re educating and teaching people along the way what this means for their role. This is how you start to make something sustainable. Create a strategy around how you start to recognize the day-to-day wins that are tied back to your purpose, mission, and values.

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