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About This Episode

In this Bonus Next Step, John Duisberg shares how building a great employee experience helps businesses attract quality talent, and how leaders can best communicate their unique culture to prospective employees.

1. Create an employee experience and culture that is sustainable. You can nurture and bring these things to life through sharing stories, milestones and recognition. You  can also start to nurture this during the interview process by grading a candidate on how they seem to fit within the core values of your company. By doing this, you measure whether or not this person will be a good fit along with reminding the employees conducting the interviews of those values and how they can continue to live them out.

2. Become comfortable with making hard decisions. It takes guts to be authentic about your values when deciding whether or not to hire a candidate. When you decide a candidate is not a good fit for your company, those values you have are suddenly even more real because you’re standing behind them.

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