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Many business owners who hire a virtual assistant expect that it will help them stay organized professionally, but people don’t always realize that working with a VA can also empower you to build a healthier personal life. This is especially true for today’s guests, Tony and Kristina Ebel, because they are spouses who run two successful businesses together. Tony and Kristina are the owners of The Pediatric Experience, which includes both a brick and mortar and an online business.

In this episode, Kristina and Tony will talk through some of the biggest challenges they’ve faced while building their businesses, and they’ll explain how hiring a BELAY virtual assistant has helped them grow both individually and collectively.

1. Learn how to lead well. Learn how to communicate the message and deliver care, and then teach others how to do that as well. When you face the humility and excitement of something new, you begin to learn ways to be better at it. Lean on mentors who are able to walk with you through this as well.

2. You can do both and you can do both really well. Whether this is a business owner and a parent, a business owner and a friend, or a business owner and a spouse, you can have the capacity to do both things well. We’re now able to do both, love both and be passionate about both. You can spend so much time and energy in both rolls, and it doesn’t have to be a split thing.

3. Hire earlier than you think you should. When you do that, you grow so much faster and smoother and with so much less stress. Always be ready to hire and ready to give something up to someone who can do it better than you can. Hire people who can do what they’re best at so that your business can continue to grow.

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