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Everything Last Year Taught Us About Leadership

This week, we encourage you to head to Brian’s website to check out his book 2021: The Year In Leadership - The Stories of Faith, Athletics, Business, and Life Which Inspired Us All.

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About This Episode

Join us for our conversation with Brian Dodd, Director of New Ministry Relationships at Injoy Stewardship Solutions. He’ll chat with us about all things leadership – from how to measure effective leadership, to building winning cultures, to questions we should be asking our teams, and a whole lot more.

1. The difference between success and failure is not really that great. Successful people don’t make excuses.

We all fail and all make mistakes, but it’s the framing of those moments and how to leverage them moving forward that separates us. Successful people understand that there is a private price to pay before public success and that failure is just a data point.


2. Curiosity is the greatest combative to complacency. The first thing a leader should ask a person on their team is ‘Tell me what you don’t know.’

Leaders learn on a need-to-know basis. The unique thing about asking someone this question is that it creates the impetus for needing to know. Once you verbalize what you don’t know, if you have ambition or drive, you’re going to then realize that you want to know it. 


3. The law of the second question. Brilliance is found in the second question. Ask follow ups. Ask why or how.

The follow-up questions are what you turn into your blog posts or your strategic planning. That’s where you can add value to your own leadership and the people that you serve.

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