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2022 Social Media State of the Union

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About This Episode

What worked for your business on social media in the past — even six months ago — will probably not work today. Social media is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest trends and growth strategies is a full-time job. So in this episode, BELAY Social Media Strategist Jessica Doehling provides a state of the union on social media in 2022.

She breaks down the biggest trends, explains how to determine which platforms you should focus on, and gives an overview of the most important things to include in a social media strategy. Whether you’re running your own socials or just want to better understand the landscape your marketing team is working in, this conversation is packed with useful information.

1. To succeed on social media, you need to set aside some budget for social media. Organic growth is much less common than it used to be, and the brands that are succeeding are typically boosting their posts or paying for ads.  

2. Short form video is king. Video is not just reserved for TikTok; it’s one of the best ways to build a personal connection with your audience on most platforms. 

3. To start your social media strategy, focus on 3 things: Foundational documents, brand development, and a clear understanding of your audience.

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