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How To Get Buy-In To Your Mission, Vision & Values

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About This Episode

To create a great organizational culture, you first need to establish your mission, vision, and values. But it doesn’t stop there. Leaders also need to find ways to consistently communicate those values in both words and actions. 

In this episode, BELAY CFO Lisa Zeeveld and CEO Tricia Sciortino break down the process of building culture, from defining your values to integrating those values into your team’s daily routines. Tricia and Lisa also share some creative examples of the ways BELAY has implemented the core values of gratitude, fun, and vision.

1. Mission, vision, and values are the foundation of a great culture. And it’s OK if those values evolve over time, so don’t be afraid to update them. 

2. If you want your team members to buy into your mission and vision, you need to repeat them. Your team members have so many messages competing for their attention; make sure you’re over-communicating the things that are most important.

3. Guiding principles determine how you live out your values. Outlining those principles can help you turn your values from ideas into action.

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