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My Pleasure: How a BELAY VA Serves Chick-fil-A

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About This Episode

Many leaders wait until they’re completely overwhelmed to start delegating, but hiring someone before you reach that point can help you build a more successful working relationship. 

In this episode, BELAY CEO Tricia Sciortino talks with Chick-fil-A operator Rob Herold and his BELAY Virtual Assistant, Mindy Brewer. Rob and Mindy share practical insight about the process of onboarding and beginning to delegate to a VA. They also explain how their partnership frees Rob up to focus on the things he does best. Whether you’re currently working with a VA or you’re considering hiring one but aren’t sure if you’re ready, this episode is full of valuable information.

1. Delegation allows you to be fully present in your life and work. If you surround yourself with great people, you won’t need to sacrifice your personal life or your sanity for the sake of your job.

2. Micromanaging just means you’re doing double the amount of work. To delegate effectively, you first need to find someone you trust.

3. We’re better on purpose. To fully live out your core values, you need to consistently evaluate yourself and your team and continue to strive for more.

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