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About This Episode

Harris III is a professional illusionist, speaker, storyteller and entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping solopreneurs move out of their old life and old ways of thinking and find the new life they want to live. His transformation map and concept of the Wonder Switch are life-changing tools for entrepreneurs. 


If you are an entrepreneur or leader who feels stuck and possibly unmotivated, this episode is just for you. 

1. Deception is a language we all speak.

There’s no difference between a con man and a magician in terms of the concepts they use. The difference is in their motives – one uses deception to make people happy. The other uses deception to benefit himself at the expense of others.

2. Wonder allows us to develop a new understanding of how old stories are affecting us.

The stories we believe, true or not, affect our behaviors. When the old story is gone, we can start painting a new story that fills us with courage instead of fear.

3. Running a business is 80% mindset and 20% skill set.

It’s not that skills aren’t important, but sometimes we miss the power of our mindset and how it affects the business. To build your skill set, learn through a combination of content, community and coaching.

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