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What Companies & Churches Can Learn From Target

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About This Episode

In 2014, faced with a lot of disruption within the company, Target realized it needed to make some changes. Our guest today, Nathan Artt, the Principal and Founder of Ministry Solutions and author of the new ebook, Target Corp and the Flexible Church, realized that churches had a lot to learn from Target’s former situation.

In this episode, he’ll talk with us about those major changes, why Target saw the need to make them, and what churches and business owners can learn from it.

1. We’re too often married to our models more than our mission.

Churches need to look at those models, like they did a few decades ago, and ask, “Is this the best way to reach people?” If you can separate your model and your mission, you can do a better job of meeting people where they are.

2. The digital experience doesn’t take away from an in-person experience.

The most successful retailers have realized the digital experience only makes people want to go to the store more. It isn’t a substitute; it’s a complimentary experience.

3. In order to be relevant, you have to stop caring when and where the customer makes their purchase.

Your goal should be to meet them where they are. That’s why Sears and JCPenney lost business while places like Target and Home Depot thrived. Provide access to them through many different channels.

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