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How to Know It's Time to Delegate: Part 1 of Delegate to Elevate

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About This Episode

In the first of a two-part episode about delegation, LZ and BELAY’s Director of Marketing, Amy Appleton, will share how a leader can know when it’s time to start delegating, the obstacles they’ll face, and how to develop trust with other team members (i.e. contractors, employees, etc.).

They’ll also talk about the myth of the “Superhero ideology” and why “I’m fine” just doesn’t always cut it.

1. Delegation is a leadership skill.

When you delegate, it allows you to multiply your efforts, capacity, and results as a leader. Even more, it allows you to develop and empower other people. Delegating effectively frees you up to do what you are the best at doing without staying caught up in the weeds.

2. If you’re the bottleneck, it’s time to start delegating.

If people are always waiting on you, and there’s 20 other things that still need to be done, then it’s time to find a way to pass that responsibility onto someone else. You should trust the people that you’ve hired, so allow them to blossom and grow by passing off the things that you simply cannot do anymore.

3. Learn the 70% rule.

If someone can do the job 70% as good as you can, it’s time to hand that job off. That is an opportunity to teach someone else how to do it, knowing that their 70% will get better. It might take a little time, but this will free you up in the long run.

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