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How A Bookkeeper Can Help You Prepare for Tax Season

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About This Episode

Tax season is something that most business owners dread, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Bookkeepers can help you better prepare throughout the year so that when taxes roll around, you don’t have to experience feelings of overwhelm.

In this episode, Tricia and Lisa will discuss the ways a bookkeeper can help you prepare your business and alleviate the stress of tax season.

1. Get the help you need.

You can’t always be the expert. A bookkeeper is the expert in helping you prepare for tax season, as well as keeping you informed on your financial situation all year round. You can’t do everything, and this is the perfect job to delegate to someone who is trained to do it.

2. Hiring a bookkeeper is the first step in getting your taxes prepared.

They’ll keep you accountable. They’ll make sure you have receipts, invoices from clients, make sure you are on top of payroll and have all your documentation. They aren’t your CPA but they will make sure your CPA has everything he/she needs for tax season.

3. Nobody wants to be surprised, and looking at your finances more often creates a sense of calm rather than anxiety.

When you stay informed, you’re not just hoping the numbers look okay, or waiting until the end of the year and crossing your fingers that everything is fine. Staying informed gives you peace of mind because you’re very aware of how everything is running financially.

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