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About This Episode

What does a CEO need from their COO? And more specifically, what does a leader need from their direct report, and vice versa?

McKenzie Reeves Decker is the COO of System & Soul, and she works for a visionary, driven leader. In this episode, she talks about how to make the most of a relationship with your leader, and why it’s so hard for some leaders to ask for and receive help.

1. Sometimes you have to take a step back to boomerang forward.

Whether it’s an entrepreneur who wants to sell the business and start something from scratch, while taking less money and maybe less prestige. Or maybe it’s just someone who might be in a role and needs to take time off to raise a family or do something different. It’s very possible to take that “step back” and eventually boomerang forward past anything you imagined.

2. When it comes to hiring, think about the acronym FIT.

Does this position FUEL the person’s unique ability? Does it IMPACT their trajectory and the company’s trajectory? And is it TIMELY for the business and the person? This is a great way to filter through whether or not that person is a good fit, a good hire, for a potential position.

3. A leader and their second in command need to have values alignment and mutual appreciation.

They need to want the same things out of what they’re doing and be on the same page. They need to see the same value in what they are creating together. If that’s the foundation of what they both are doing, then they will have a successful, healthy relationship.

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