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How to Zoom Your Way to Your Best Hire

A complete guide to the various stages of the hiring process, how each interview should be conducted, and what should be evaluated at that point in the process.

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About This Episode

As leaders, few decisions carry a price as hefty as hiring the wrong person. It costs us time, money, productivity, morale, and, in extreme cases, relationships with clients and team members.

In this week’s episode, we’re going to discuss this issue with Krisha Buehler, BELAY’s VP of Human Resources. She’ll share a few tips on how you can more effectively identify the right people, avoid the wrong people, and safeguard your company culture so you get the help you need without comprising the help you have.

1.  Hire slow.

When you’re in growth mode, it’s easy to get caught up in a sense of urgency. You need more people, or someone just left that you need to replace, and you need all of them now! But rushing on the front end of hiring will cost you a lot more on the back end. Take your time. Be intentional. And trust your process.

2. Put somebody you trust in front of you in the hiring process.

This person is your “gatekeeper.” With them taking on the first interview or two, you know that only the best of the best are going to come across your desk. This will save you time and energy, decrease your frustration, and make the hiring process a whole lot smoother and easier.

3. Make sure you’re looking for connections with culture.

Does the person you’re interviewing have questions for you? Do they have questions about the company? Are they passionate about your mission? If not, then you should see a big red flag in those situations. Few things are more stressful with hiring than bringing someone on, then realizing they are not a fit culturally. You should be getting a better sense of this with each interview. If not, you’re probably not interviewing the right person.

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