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About This Episode

Small businesses have to maximize the effectiveness and contribution of every investment and every resource to grow. Acquiring new customers is a priority with or without a team member dedicated solely to sales or marketing. Sales and marketing cannot wait if you want to grow beyond where you are. So, what do you do if you’re short on time to do-it-yourself and don’t have enough money to hire someone else? Today, we’re going to answer that question.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how to market your business without a marketing person on your team and introducing a strategy referred to as ‘marketing by committee.’ We’ll be joined by Amy Appleton, BELAY’s Director of Marketing. She is going to help you leverage your existing resources to market and grow your organization.

1. Grow from where you are.

Most business owners hesitate or fail to market their business for one of four reasons:

  • They believe customers will find them as long as they create a great product or provide excellent service. 
  • The business owner doesn’t have enough time to serve customers, lead the team, and market the business. 
  • The company doesn’t have enough money to hire marketing help.
  • Marketing isn’t the business owner’s expertise so he/she doesn’t know what to do.

Sales fuel the growth of your organization, which means you must start marketing your business where you are with what you have and what you know to become what you envision in the future. Don’t wait. Get in the marketing game.

2. Get your team to buy-in to the bigger idea.

In small businesses, it’s common for one team member to do multiple jobs as the company gets off the ground. You can also share the responsibilities of one job with multiple people. However, it’s important for them to view their assignment as more than another to-do on their list; it’s the way in which the organization will grow and take better care of them. Getting your team to have this perspective requires getting them to buy-in. To gain buy-in, Amy recommends you use principles:

  • Know your team. Identify the team members that have extra capacity, respond well to challenging assignments, enjoy the variety of a side project, or show an aptitude for marketing.
  • Start with the why. Tell each team member why you’re enlisting their help and why their marketing assignment is important to the organization.
  • Acknowledge what’s in it for them. Whether it be recognition, new work experiences, or one-on-one mentorship, lean in to what will motivate that person and find a way to provide it. 
  • Find something for them to stop doing. Automate, delegate, or eliminate something previously on their plate to permanently free up their capacity. The key would be to make the tradeoff decisions as the leader to avoid overwhelming your team.

3. Don’t add too much too soon

It’s easy to overwhelm your team when you’re asking them to step outside of their comfort zone and adding more work to their plate. Give them the best opportunity to succeed. Maximize your team’s effort and your ROI by limiting what you work on and focusing on a few marketing channels and initiatives at a time. Be sure to first delegate tasks you’re currently doing so you, the leader, are freed up to drive the organization’s growth. What’s on your list today is likely what you’re going to feel most confident training your team to do.


In the episode, Amy introduced the Wheel of Marketing to help you organize your marketing channels. In this post-interview chat with us, Amy answers the question, “How do you know which marketing channel or approach is right for you?”

Be sure to listen to the bonus minisode to help you determine where you should focus your energy as you market your business.

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