30 Things A BELAY VA Can Do For You

Delegation is one of the most effective tools in a leader’s tool kit because it empowers your team and helps you grow your business. 

Need a place to start? Here’s a list of commonly delegated tasks that you can hand over today!


  • Calendar & Schedule Management
  • Email Management
  • Travel Coordination
  • Meeting Confirmation, Preparation & Notes
  • Project Assistance, Research & Reporting
  • Event Planning & Coordination
  • Employee Candidate Pre-Screening & Interviews
  • Return Calls & Voicemails


  • Compile & Submit Expense Reports
  • Billing Disputes
  • Send Invoices
  • Vendor Management
  • Run Memorized Financial Reports


  • Gift Purchases
  • Send Personal Cards
  • Set Personal Appointments
  • Vendor Research
  • Vacation Planning

Social Media, Content & Marketing

  • Schedule Pre-written & Pre-approved Social Media Content 
  • Compile Free Or Licensed Stock Photos
  • Manage Content Calendar & Library
  • Report Generation
  • Create & Send Out Newsletters, Blogs & eBlasts
  • Responding To Social Media Posts

Client, Sales & Operational Support

  • Client Intake
  • CRM Management and Updating
  • Industry Research
  • Report Generation
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management Assistance

Now you know what a VA can do, but knowing what can’t they do is just as important.

Here are all the things your VA may not do for you so you can get back to what only you can do: growing your organization!

  • Cold Calls & Sales
  • Reception
  • Accounting (though some VAs do have basic bookkeeping skills)
  • Website Development, Coding, or Design
  • SEO/SEM/High-Level Marketing and/or Graphic Creation
  • Legal Advice, Council or Document Prep
  • IT
  • Human Resources & People/Team Management