25 Things You Can Delegate to a Social Media Manager Today

Delegation is one of the most effective tools in a leader’s tool kit. Delegation empowers your team and helps you grow your business. Here are 25 tasks you can start delegating immediately with the help of a Social Media Manager.


Developing, implementing and managing social media strategies

Collaborating with cross functional teams to create, manage and publish higher-quality content (Copywriters, Designers, Sales / Marketing, Product / Development Teams)

Developing and managing a monthly content calendar

Managing, creating and publishing original, high-quality content

Creating paid ad placements and tracking their ROI

Using metrics to hone and maximize the content that resonates

Organizing brand assets, photography and graphics used for social initiatives

Monitoring current social media trends

Brand Development

Conducting audience and buyer persona research

Establishing and/or reinforcing brand voice and social media identity

Building an online community by increasing followers and engagement

Facilitating client-company communication including responding to queries, asking for reviews, and organizing chats and Q&A sessions

Joining groups and thought leadership threads and positioning brand or leader as an expert in their field

Networking with industry professionals

Initiating conversations with industry leaders on social feeds

Leveraging social media channels to promote events and initiatives

Handling commenting and direct messaging across all social channels


Defining important social media KPIs for your goals (example: distinguishing ‘Vanity Metrics’ from early adoption of social media and technology)

Setting and achieving actionable metrics

Performing content optimization

Monitoring brand mentions

Conducting competitive analysis

Measuring success of social media campaigns (organic and/or paid)

Preparing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports

Researching, finding and leveraging measurement tools to provide progress reports and mine insights