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Strategic Investment FAQs

Common Employee & Contractor Questions

Tenex Capital Management is a private equity firm that invests in middle-market companies. Tenex uses an in-house team of hybrid investment professionals skilled in operational leadership, investing, and capital markets structuring to maximize long-term value creation.

Tenex’s deep operating experience allows the firm to collaborate with management teams to capitalize on business and market opportunities. Tenex has successfully invested in a diverse range of industries, including industrials, business services, healthcare, building products, and auto aftermarket, among others.

It’s entirely possible, though nothing has been planned.

No, none of your PTO, VTO, wellness, or insurance will change.

They are, as minority owners.

You can lean into any information that we’ve shared via email or from this FAQ. If you’re still unsure, speak to your leader.

No, there will not. Our team stays intact because we need all of us in this together now more than ever.

Yes, you will.

No, it will not.

No, it will not.

Absolutely not! Tenex invested because of the health of our organization and leadership. WE ARE BELAY. Culture is still No. 1. It is the core strength of our growth to this point and that won’t change.

No, they will evolve to meet the demands of the business and to ensure operational excellence.

The Miles have long planned to own – and not run – BELAY and their other businesses. They stepped out of running BELAY 2-3 years ago and decided that now is the time to allow new investors to propel BELAY to new heights!

News of a potential business sale is often a very closely guarded secret known to only a select few until the time is right to make the announcement. Given its sensitive legal and financial implications, it was considered better to wait.

We will email clients and contractors on Thursday, July 1.

It is our hope that no one – employees, clients, and contractors alike – will be impacted or notice any differences.

It is our hope that as BELAY evolves, there will be no negative changes, only the opportunity to continue to grow.

We carefully selected Tenex because its goals, values, and expectations align perfectly with ours. BELAY is still BELAY. Our mission, vision, values, and culture will remain the same. We can now help more leaders climb higher.

As always, you can speak with your leader with any questions or concerns.

Please take the request to your leader.

No policies and procedures will change.

Common Client Questions

You will not be impacted or notice any differences.

Directly, nothing. Indirectly, the growth of BELAY will only serve to fortify the world-class service to which you’ve grown accustomed.

The quality of our services and policies will not be impacted.

No, there will not.

Just as always, you can contact your BELAY contractor or Client Success Consultant.