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Tricia Sciortino



I’m the CEO and board member of one of the nation’s leading virtual staffing companies, BELAY.

In 2005, I jumped off the hamster wheel – quitting a job I loved to raise my daughter. I had no clue what I was going to do, but I knew the rat race wasn’t it. I crossed paths with a scrappy startup called BELAY during the middle of a recession. As BELAY’s first employee and virtual assistant – and then on to serve as Director, Vice President, President, COO, and now CEO – I’ve learned a lot about perseverance and owning your journey.

The most important lesson? If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, go build a door!

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In addition to helping thousands of business leaders achieve new levels of success by leveraging the support of an assistant, BELAY has landed on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Companies and Best Places to Work list multiple times under my leadership.

I’m a growth-minded driver and a process savant who loves taking chaos and transforming it into systems and creating flow that facilitates growth.

Creating a life I love is my end goal. I work to live; I don’t live to work. I’ve spent the last decade walking the walk of what we call the Third Option: cultivating a harmonious life with a successful career. Or what I call refusing to give my family the leftovers and having plenty of energy left for them. Being a present parent – and a cool mom – is priority #1 for me.

I’m also the author of Rise Up & Lead Well: How Leveraging as Assistant Will Change Your Life & Maximize Your Time, where I share everything I’ve learned in my decade at BELAY – leading and training assistants having been BELAY’s first — and know the secrets for successfully hiring, training and onboarding one.

I also co-host the One Next Step podcast, interviewing the most successful and insightful entrepreneurs to equip listeners with practical insight and advice for running a thriving, healthy organization.

I’m passionate about helping others achieve their ultimate professional goals while cultivating the balance of work and life that best suits them.

I believe we own our journey, we take risks, and we rise up!

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Rise Up & Lead Well

How Leveraging An Assistant Will Change Your Life & Maximize Your Time

A new ebook to eliminate the uncertainty and get a clear plan for how to effectively use an assistant. This isn’t fluff, theory, or pure inspiration. It’s battle-tested tactics directly from our CEO.

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