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About This Episode

Successful leaders want to make a profit, but they also want to be good to their people. Joining us for this episode is Joel Manby, the former CEO, and director of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, and the author of the popular book Love Works. Joel was also featured on CBS’ hit show, Undercover Boss, where he made an impact on the show’s 18 million viewers by demonstrating the beauty of servant leadership.

Joel is going to share with us how leaders can make sure they are prioritizing their most important asset – their team – while also making sure the business is thriving.

1. The art of leadership is the intersection of profit, guest results, and employee results.

That’s your leadership “sweet spot.” Just focusing on one area might lead to success in that area, but not overall health. Good leaders know how to focus on all three to make their organization as healthy as possible.

2. The level of enthusiasm of your customer experience will never go any higher than the enthusiasm of your own employees.

Your people are your front line, the face of your company, and are interacting with your clients every day. If they aren’t energized by their jobs and have a shared sense of values, your customers will eventually sense that.

3. When making a decision, always ask yourself: “What’s the worst thing that can happen, and can I live with that?”

If the marketing team makes a decision that you might not think is best, is it okay to let it go or should you intervene? Or if there’s a spreadsheet that isn’t designed exactly the way you like it, can you live with that? This question will help you refocus on the bigger issues and let go of some of the things you should be delegating.

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