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Whether you have a sales team or are in a sales role as a leader, you need to know how to overcome objections and pushback in the sales process. So how can you honor people’s objections while still closing the sale and delivering your product or service?


Today we’re going to talk about just that with Lisa Seal, BELAY’s VP of Revenue. Lisa has years of experience in growth management across several industries and various sales environments. She empowers our team at BELAY to really exceed their growth targets and has been instrumental in helping the organization grow – which, you might have guessed it, involves overcoming pushbacks and making sales!

1. Sales isn’t as scary when it’s a product or service you believe in and you know is helping other people.

That’s an important truth to remember. Because when you believe in what you’re doing, it’s so much easier than trying to force a product that you don’t believe in on someone who probably doesn’t even need it.

2. Listen.

Does what you’re selling actually meet the need that your prospect has? You can’t answer that question until you hear from them about the pain point they are experiencing. Leading a sales process by preaching the features is a sure way to lose someone quickly. Listen to them, identify their needs, and sell away!

3. Build value first.

Most salespeople know not to come out of the gate with a price. That’s because, at that point, it’s just a sales transaction and you might have already lost a potential customer. Instead, show the value in what you are selling. How can it help them? Where does it fit into their experience? How does it address their needs? Show them all of these things before you ever discuss price.

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