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About This Episode

As a small business owner and leader, promoting your business and promoting yourself is essentially the same thing. But in today’s world of social media, many people are turned off by what they consider to be narcissistic self promotion. No one wants to be “that person.” However, there is a way to promote your business in a tasteful, professional way.

In this episode, Tricia and LZ will talk with Debby Stone, the founder and CEO of Novateur Partners and author of The Art of Self-Promotion. Debby will share her great ideas on how to get over the discomfort of self-promotion and how to promote in a way that’s tasteful, professional, and connects with others – instead of turning them off.

1. Use emotional intelligence when self-promoting.

Should you or should you not self-promote? Read the situation and be aware of the context. In a business setting, it’s almost always acceptable to talk about yourself and your company. In a more personal situation, it’s a little trickier. So just be aware of whether or not it seems appropriate at the time.

2. Think of social media promotion as simply sharing information.

Sometimes, you might feel a little “icky” talking about yourself on social channels. But it’s important to realize that potential customers and clients can’t interact with your business and work with you if they don’t have the right information and know what you do. When you share that information, you’re simply building credibility and serving your audience.

3. Don’t do false humility.

Instead of posting, “I’m so humbled to have received X honor!”, just say that you got honor! Own it instead of trying to downplay by promoting humility. False humility on social media is easy to spot and makes you come across as fake and inauthentic.

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