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The Power of Story and How to Leverage It

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About This Episode

In this special episode, our very own Director of Marketing, Amy Appleton, sits down with Wes Gay, a certified StoryBrand guide and the chief guide at Wayfinder. Wes helps brands use the power of story to create a clear and compelling message for their employees and customers.

He’ll show you why story matters – and how by leveraging the right words you can grow your business and attract the right people. By implementing some simple changes, you’ll be able to keep your story alive.

1. Your story allows your team to share a language, and it gives your customers something to be drawn into.

It’s not just pretty copy for a website. When you have a story around your brand, your team can more easily connect and unite around that common cause. Your customers will feel more engaged with you, and they’ll be better equipped to identify with your company.

2. Think of your business as a GPS, not an old-school printed atlas.

When you’re trying to tell them what to do, like how to interact with your brand, make it as easy as possible. List out the steps, and do as much for them as you can. It’s much easier to listen to Siri tell you how to get there than opening up a book, flipping to the page that you’re looking for, and figuring out the map from there.

3. Don’t overcomplicate your marketing content.

Use simple, conversational language. Use the words you and your customers would use in an everyday conversation. Tap into the emotions, the root cause, of what your customers are feeling when they reach out to you for the answers. And make it about them, not you.

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