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As someone who’s spent 25 years advancing through the top organization’s in sports and entertainment, including the Miami HEAT and Golden State Warriors, Kim Stone is an expert at seeking out new challenges and opportunities within her organization.

In this episode, Kim is going to explain how she balances staying hungry for new opportunities with enjoying the present and conserving her energy to lead for the long haul.

1. Carve out time for your family and don’t forget about the importance of prioritizing self care. Your job often comes first in the day to day. But when your family or your support system needs you, it’s okay to pause what you are doing and be there for them.  Make sure you take care of yourself also. You can’t run on an empty tank. Take the slow morning or the extra time back in your afternoon from time to time.

2. Help others rise up to success via these two ways:  Identify talent first. Refining processes, divisions, and procedures will help you to put this person in place for success. Next, you should care about your people. Invest in others’ success. Strive for the mentality of ‘It’s not about me but we.’

3. Be a life-long learner. You can’t think you know it all because the world is changing around you. As soon as you stop learning the rest of the world is going to pass you by. You aren’t scaling or staying relevant.

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