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How to Win More Customers Through Your Company Culture

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About This Episode

We don’t often think that culture and branding are connected. But Ted Vaughn – co-author of Culture Built My Brand and co-founder of Historic Agencywill show us otherwise.

In this episode, he will talk about the Marquee Culture Method, what it is, how it works, and how to put it in place in your organization. You will better understand how culture and branding are related and what you need to do to win more customers.

1. Brand is about people, not a strategy or logo.

The Marquee Culture Method is intentional about brand and culture, shaping the messaging, and differentiating the brand value. It reveals that the most important spart of a brand is its people.

2. Culture starts with principles.

If you haven’t identified your company’s values, you need to start there. Make them actionable and differentiated (not just something like “honesty” because everyone assumes honesty). If you already have values but they are abstract, then you might want to attach two or three clear, sticky actionable items with each one.

3. A brand shouldn’t be communicated vertically – from the top down – but it should be communicated laterally.

It should be something that everyone takes responsibility for and goes across the entire organization. When you start to understand how to contribute to the brand, you’ll see a breakthrough. That starts by communication between leaders.

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