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Surprising Ways Leadership Is Changing

This week, we encourage you to pick up Clay’s new book, The Aspiring Leader’s Guide to the Future: 9 Surprising Ways Leadership is Changing. You can also explore Clay’s other leadership resources and books at!

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About This Episode

What’s the current landscape of leadership and how has it changed over the last few years?

Clay Scroggins is an outstanding speaker and author of a new book called The Aspiring Leader’s Guide to the Future: 9 Surprising Ways Leadership is Changing. In this episode, he’ll join Lisa to help our listeners understand what some of the changing trends are in leadership and how they can prepare for them.

1. Leaders want trust but they don’t want to be transparent.

Trust comes from transparency, which eventually promotes a healthy culture and results in a growing company. As leaders, we don’t know it all and shouldn’t pretend like we know it all. By being transparent with our teams, we earn their trust and they’ll be more transparent with us.

2. Trust will be more important than ever moving in the future.

The skills it takes to build culture in person are different from the skills it takes to build culture virtually. In person, we expect to build trust and earn it. Because the workplace is moving to remote, more leaders will need to start with trust. And employees may need to walk into a company trusting their leaders right away.

3. If you need to have someone in the office to know they’re working, you might need to spend some time in self-reflection.

We hire adults and we do due diligence to make sure they are the right person, skillset, and fit for our company. Once that’s in place, we need to trust them to do their job, whether that’s in person or remote. If that’s a major sticking point for a leader, it may be time for them to question their ability to lead.

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