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What to Do ... When You Don't Know What to Do

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About This Episode

Leaders are constantly making decisions. Some of them are easy, like where to take the team to lunch, and some of them are incredibly hard, like budget cuts and layoffs. With so many decisions, it’s easy to feel paralyzed by fear of making the wrong choice, or simply not seeing the best option.


In this episode, Tricia and LZ talk with Jeff Shinabarger, CEO of Plywood People, a former leader at Catalyst, and a successful author. He’ll talk about how to be better at decision-making as leaders, including understanding how to make the right choices even in difficult circumstances, discovering our decision-making style, and using that style to benefit our teams and organization.

1. Your daily decisions shape who you are and determine your success.

We eventually become known by the things we say “yes” and “no” to. And we make 8-12 decisions per year that will determine the success or failure for our business that year. In those moments, be aware of how seemingly short-term decisions can have long-lasting impacts.

2. If you make gut, emotional decisions, it’s OK to take some time and think about it.

Especially when you’re making major decisions, there’s nothing wrong with asking for 20 minutes to take a walk or simply saying, “Let me think about that overnight and I’ll answer tomorrow.” Get more information and data. Ask for the report. Taking time isn’t a sign of an indecisive leader; it’s a smart way to make major decisions.

3. Think about your decisions through the lens of your whole person.

In other words, when making choices, how will each choice affect all aspects of your life? If it’s a business or career decision, it won’t just affect that area of your life. How will it affect your relationship with your spouse, your kids, your family and friends? Be intentional about viewing your decisions through that lens.

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