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054: Marriage & Entrepreneurship: How to Properly Engage Your Spouse in Your Business

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Marriage & Entrepreneurship: How to Properly Engage Your Spouse in Your Business

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About This Episode

Your spouse will eventually feel the ups and downs of your business — whether you work together as co-owners or whether your spouse is completely uninvolved in the day-to-day. So how can you make sure your spouse is involved in your business in a healthy way?

In today’s episode, Lisa talks with O.L. and Sway Buckley, hosts of the super popular MarriedPreneur Life podcast, about how to properly engage your spouse in your business. They have been down this road and have years of wisdom to offer us.

1. If one of you is called to be an entrepreneur, then your family is called as well.

That doesn’t mean your spouse has to be in the daily grind of the business, but it does mean you need to figure out what their level of input and availability is – and what that looks like for your relationship. Your business will affect your whole family, so make sure your significant other is involved to the degree that makes them comfortable.

2. Where there is weigh in, there is buy in.

When you give an uninvolved spouse a degree of buy in, that builds value down the road. They feel important and appreciated. Even if they don’t have anything to add, they need to know that they have access and always have the option to give their input. They might have a different skill set and see things completely different than you do, so it’s important for them to feel comfortable sharing.

3. The first rule of working with your spouse: No talking about working on date nights!

Set rules for your nights out. You’ve paid for a babysitter and have time for relaxing, so keep work out of the discussion. Plan ahead on what you’re going to talk about that doesn’t involve business. Get to know your spouse better, ask questions about their past and future, and talk to them about how they’ve changed. The key is to be intentional about learning about your spouse outside of their business life.

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