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What to Do If You Hate Working from Home

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About This Episode

After years of mastering productivity and leadership in a shared office environment, many successful leaders have been forced to work and lead from home over the last year. While some love working remotely, others miss the office and hate working from home.

In this masterclass episode, Tricia and LZ acknowledge that working from home isn’t for everyone. They’ll diagnose why someone may not like it and help customize a personal work environment that enables that person to thrive even if their organization is remote.

1. Integrate as many social interactions into your week as possible.

Working from home doesn’t have to be a solo experience. Schedule a lunch or two per week with friends or your spouse. Take the dog for a walk and say hello to neighbors. And, occasionally, be sure to work outside the home, setting up shop at a coffee shop, community space, library, or somewhere you can get work done while being outside your four walls.

2. Treat remote work like any other office-based job.

Get up. Get showered and dressed. Do your hair and/or makeup. You need to feel like this is a professional job and look the part. Sure, it’s okay to let your hair down and stay in pajamas every now and then – after all, that’s a great benefit! But don’t let it become a norm. Studies have shown that it really makes a difference psychologically when you go through the actions of going to work and don’t stay in pajamas with bad breath all the time!


3. If you work with a great company who does everything right when it comes to remote work – and you still hate it after giving it a try – then find another company!

Life is too short to be miserable. Don’t stay in a situation you hate. There are still good companies out there that don’t do remote work or limit it. Find one of those companies, get back in an office setting, and get back to loving your job.

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