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98% Retention: BELAY’s secrets to Training and Onboarding

Give your new employees exactly what they need to succeed from the start! This training plan checklist is a replica of the training plan we’ve used at BELAY to hire hundreds of full-time employees during our 10 years in business.

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About This Episode

As leaders, we often spend lots of time identifying a great candidate yet we overlook our responsibility to equip them. Finding a great person is half the battle. An unequipped employee will cost you more time, money, and stress.

In this episode, we are joined again by Krisha Buehler, BELAY’s VP of Human Resources. She’ll talk with us about how you can successfully onboard employees so they consistently and quickly add value to your organization.

1.  Make an extremely detailed training plan.

And we emphasize – extremely detailed. The one we use at BELAY lays out a plan for day by day, hour by hour, in a new team member’s first days. Meet in person, if possible. If not, remote is fine. And feel free to use our template to help you get on the right track. The main thing in developing a plan is to take out the guesswork and make sure every new employee goes through the same, consistent experience when they start with your company.

2. It’s critical for new employees to meet the leaders of your organization.

This helps them see your leadership as approachable and allows leaders to communicate the vision and the “why” behind what you’re doing. The more leaders each team member can meet, the more each one will understand the company’s values and where the organization is headed.

3. Create a culture of support and availability.

This is especially important with a remote company. You want new team members to feel like they have somewhere to turn when they have questions – and they will have questions. Whether it’s someone in HR, a peer, a team leader (or even all three) this helps them feel welcome and less like the new kid who can’t find the lunchroom on the first day of school.

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