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How to Lead and Work by Enneagram Type

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About This Episode

This episode is all about the Enneagram and how to interact with all personality types at work. We’ll be joined by Ian Morgan Cron, a champion of the Enneagram, awakener of people, and bestselling author of the popular Enneagram book, The Road Back to You. 

As a pioneer in the contemporary Enneagram movement, Ian is a highly sought-after speaker for large conferences and corporate boardrooms alike. In this first of a two-part interview, Ian will share highlights of Enneagram numbers 1 through 5, what motivates them, and what it’s like to work with them.

1. A key predictor of success among leaders is self awareness.

What makes the Enneagram so valuable is the power it has in allowing you to become more aware of who you are. When you read your first test results, it might feel like the Enneagram has been reading your mail. Good leaders take that information and use it to better understand themselves and how they relate to others.

2.  The Enneagram reveals what’s best about you is what’s worst about you and what’s worst about you is what’s best about you.

Any personality test that makes you more self aware is a good thing. However, the Enneagram truly gives you a 360 view of yourself. It reveals how you act at your most healthy, and it shines a light on the shadow aspects of your personality that reveal themselves when things aren’t going as well.

3. The moment you think your way of seeing the world is normal, it means that everybody else that you encounter who has a different view is abnormal.

The Enneagram shows there are 9 “normal” ways of viewing the world. Good leaders understand that their point of view isn’t the same as someone else’s – and that’s okay. Unhealthy leaders believe that other person’s point of view is wrong, so they feel justified in judging them – and might even weaponize their Enneagram type, using it against them.

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