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019: How to Demonstrate Gratitude: Celebrating & Rewarding Your Team Remotely

Creative ways to show employee appreciation remotely.

25 Simple Ways to Recognize Remote Employees

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About This Episode

Andy Stanley says, “Unexpressed gratitude feels like ingratitude to the ones for whom you are grateful.” I don’t think most of us are ungrateful for our teams. However, it’s common for leaders to struggle with remembering to show appreciation for their team when they see them every day.

In this episode, we’re going to help you better communicate your appreciation for your team even if you’re working remotely. What gets rewarded gets repeated in any organization, and remote teams are no different. Now more than ever, team members need to know their hard work is seen and valued.

1. Understand the languages of appreciation.

Showing gratitude might not look the same from one team member to the next. One might appreciate a gift. Another might enjoy a free lunch. And for some, a simple “thank you” note will be enough. Also, don’t assume the way you see gratitude is the same way your team will. Take the time to interact and get to know each team member so you’ll be better prepared to show them gratitude when the time comes.

2. What gets scheduled gets done.  

In other words, be intentional about your gratitude. As busy as we are as leaders, it’s easy to go through a day, a week and even a month without stopping and reflecting on how your team is performing and who is really getting things done. Use calendar reminders to set aside specific times regularly to show appreciation. Don’t let your day-to-day busyness cause you to forget some of the daily awesomeness your team is doing.

3. Even as a remote team, you can use events and in-person gatherings to show gratitude.

If you’re fully remote, you can still get together on occasion to celebrate what the company, and each other, is doing. Depending on your budget, get together quarterly, or at least annually, and throw a party! This isn’t about work. It’s about appreciation. Invite a guest speaker, give out gifts, provide amazing food, and just celebrate your team. Go over the top as much as your budget will allow. Christmas parties are a great opportunity to do this, but also try to get together during the year “just because.”


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